Elle Magic


I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and despite my sheltered travel experience (of not going anywhere outside my comfort zone), I still find worldly inspirations for my art. I love to research how things are made and the stories behind an artist’s work.

My inspirations in fashion are Alexander McQueen, Katy Perry, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, and NE·TIGER. I love the out-of-the-box thinking that pushes the boundaries of fashion and, of course, the storytelling that is involved with each creation.

I love fairy tales and a lot of my work is based on the imagery of far fetched fiction from old folklore and modern tales.


First personally designed garment:
Dress made from a black garbage bag, age 7

Fashion Education:

Favorite personally designed garment:
Agatamori, made for Betsuni Nomi Collection

My Red Thread of Fate

On a very heart breaking Christmas day, I found myself alone and all I wanted to do was create. I wanted to create armaments to protect my heart, sew courage in the pockets, and embellish this armor with love and hope.

Fashion has always been the life line I use to find my way out of darkness and each garment that I make was inspired from a song or a story that I found strength in. I made these treasures solely for my peace and then, little by little, my creations found homes with other warriors who also needed modern day armor to protect, to mask, and to parade in.

This is Mahou Tsuki – a shining house of fashion where the garments have their own magic and will empower the wearer to do heroic deeds.